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You must already have TeamFortress version 2.5 or later installed. The files, as well as a great deal of info on TeamFortress, are available from TeamFortress Software. Simply download the Server and Client Zip, and unzip it into your /quake/fortress directory. Then rename "pakX.pak" file to the next highest numbered pak file. For example, if you already had a pak0.pak and pak1.pak, name it pak2.pak. Last build: 6/16/98


Clan TF 3.0 was written solely for competitive internet play under QuakeWorld. Netquake and Coop play are not supported.

Overall Game Changes From 2.7

Class Changes From 2.7

Bugfixes from 2.7

Server changes from 2.7


The idea behind this concussion is that it tries to mimic the effects of the old concussion, but is completely immune to cheating of any type, such as hacks, scripts, proxies, or bots.

The main effect is that your view stays the same, but your aim moves in a circle that's centered on your crosshair, making it incredibly hard to aim. You also walk in a drunken manner.

As time goes on, the effects wear off and your aim spirals down to pin-point. The closer you are to the grenade when it goes off, the more severe the concussion, and the longer it takes to wear off. A direct hit will last about 30 secs, minor hits can last as few as 15. In addition, concussions are cumulative up to a point: if you are hit with multiple concussions, you'll be out for a while.

There's also a very small v_idlescale added. This serves as a visual reminder that you are concussioned, so that you don't forget and go blasting the floor with a rocket.


When hit by the scout's new freeze grenade (replaces flash), players will be frozen for 6 seconds. The effect is dispelled instantly by pyro fire from either team. Pryos are frozen for only 4 seconds.

Sentries hit by freeze will halt for 4 seconds. They will recover immediately if hit by a friendly spanner.


The colorshifting has been removed, due to GLquake, and cheaters. Now, when you gas an enemy, they take on your skin, color, and id-name. This allows the spy to spread confusion and more easily escape discovery. They will maintain your skin, color, etc, until the gas wears off. Gas no longer lasts as long, and the effects only last a max of 40 seconds now, instead of 100.

You cannot gas teammates, or enemy spies, although your gas will damage them.


Special thanks to clans: DoS, OSKI, IC, APr, DJedi, GT, MP, IM12, and SK for all of their ideas, support, and play testing. This would have never been possible without their unfailing support.

This mod has been officially bugtested by DarthVeda, Clan Teammate, and Someguy-DOA.

Thanks guys!

Please report all bugs to Sinth.
Last updated 5/28/98