August 04, 2013 @ 11:12 EDT

Power outages and UPSes, oi!

About 2:50pm yesterday, the power went out during a particularly violent thunderstorm. Nearly five hours later, at about 7:45pm, FPL restored service.

Everything critical here is on UPSes, but needless to say I don't have five hours' worth of batteries. Fortunately everything shut down in an orderly manner when the battery levels went critical.

Shaftnet is plugged into an old APC Smart-UPS Pro 1400. It (and the network infrastructure) tends to suck down about 21% of its rated capacity. In theory, that UPS, with new 18aH batteries, should be able to sustain that load for ~45 minutes.

I had 35aH batteries plugged in during this outage, which (when new) should be good for ~90 minutes. They lasted twelve. Granted, the batteries have been abused by Florida's oh-so-stable power for nearly three and a half years, so this wasn't entirely unexptected.

This time, instead of relatively expensive AGM SLA batteries, for roughly the same price I picked up a set of more traditional sloshy-sloshy 105aH deep-cycle marine batteries. In theory, this should sustain my sever closet for nearly four and a half hours.

Not that I care to test that theory. :)

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