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January 11, 2007 @ 15:54 EST

linux-wlan-ng still lives!

After nearly three months since the last release, out comes linux-wlan-ng 0.2.7, with changes to support current Linux kernels, plus a few more bugfixes.

The project remains completely obselete, having been nearly completely eclipsed by the drivers in the linux kernel, but it continues to have a few differentiating features, the most significant of which is support for Prism 2/2.5/3 USB widgets.

It's funny; The very split-MAC architechure that linux-wlan-ng was derided for is the future of Linux wireless -- And the same problems are coming up in almost the same order, as are the same mistakes, and with them the inevitable conclusion that some of these problems are hard.

Sometimes I really dislike that I spend most of my time hacking on proprietary code -- linux-wlan and linux-wlan-ng were my employer's experiment with open-source code, and it almost put us out of business. If we can't get paid for support, and we can't get paid to write software, how exactly are we supposed to pay the bills?

Is the entire F/OSS "business model" subsidized by proprietary components?

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January 01, 2007 @ 19:50 EST

The sun came up, after all.

One of my life goals is to watch the sun come up from different place (or better yet, a different continent) every year, but the last couple of years I haven't had the money to travel anywhere, so I had to content myself with finding a different local vantage point this time around. Fortunately, that's pretty easy!

Today I almost missed it -- I set an alarm but forgot to turn it on -- but I managed to find a nice place to watch the sun come up, despite the objections of a few pelicans.

new year's day

They're right when they call this time magic light

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